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About Us

Based in the industrial area of Tullamarine you can find out showroom & warehouse with all your needs. Having over 30 years experience you can be rest assured you are in safe hands. We want to provide the flexibility & options for you because we fully understand that everyone is in a different situation. Whether it is a DIY job or a fully installed kitchen or bathroom we would love to help! It is our passion!

We pride ourselves on our customer service & teaching our clients the correct way to do things. After all, knowledge is power & the more we can teach you, the more you will know & can improve your home in more ways than one. Having said all this, sometimes our clients would rather we install their kitchens & bathrooms for them which is why we put a customer satisfaction guarantee on all our work to leave you with the confidence that your home is left in the highest of quality.

So if you need some advice or have a question then please give us a call and speak with a professional today!